Kids Magic Trick Set with Wand, Cards and More Magic Toys

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  • Beginners Magic Set - Fun and interesting magic kit for boys and girls, no prior knowledge of magic needed for kids to practice and learn how to do magic.
  • Boost your kids confidence, self esteem, and performance skills and capabilities with this exciting magic tricks set, they will have a great time figuring out how to perform the different magic tricks.
  • Our beginners magic kit features a vast variety of exciting magic tricks - the mysterious levitating wand, card tricks, disappearing money, cups and balls, perplexing beads, and more fun tricks for kids. 
  • This magic kit set is the perfect magic gift for kids age 6-10 that love magic, this magic set will surely satisfy a child's fascination with magicians.
  • Kids will enjoy surprising their friends and family with their newly acquired knowledge and expertise in magic tricks and illusions. Give every child a chance to shine with this magic set.

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